The Power of the “Why”


I enjoyed reading this article by Karen Mahlab.

She notes that she recently watched the TEDster talk superstar Simon Sinek talking about leadership. His line is people don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.

He says that trust and loyalty come from the identification with the Why – and the feeling associated with it comes from deep down in the ancient part of our brain called the limbic system.

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Business & Professional Mentoring Group 2015 – 10 Powerful Days

BPM portrait summary with OMD and enquire

Adapting to fast-changing global trends is vital for the success of the small business and professionals in business, requiring both a clear understanding of what a real strategy for business is, &  the ability to analyse your plotted future in a constructive & decisive manner.

I am partnering with Michael Delport to deliver this cutting-edge program – we both want you to achieve great impact & effectiveness.


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The Leader’s Dashboard 2015 – 8 Vital Areas, all on 1 page

Leader's Dashboard - 8 areas

I help make the complex, simple.

It is not easy to stay grounded as a leader in a complex and evolving organisation.

I work with people to complete The Leader’s Dashboard at their own pace – it requires you to think, reflect, get advice and input from others, and prioritize.  You will remain calm and focused when others panic.

With The Leader’s Dashboard, you will develop a concise summary of all aspects that you as a leader faces, from vision for the organisation to key relationships

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Change Your Mind to Change Your World


People are very complex beings.  I really enjoy working with people.

I have a few keys that help me understand human behaviour.  One of them is the power of the mind, and my responsibility to manage what goes on between my ears.

I have found many people who believe strongly in something, but then behave in the exact opposite way. This is because they have allowed a stronghold to develop in their mind that is different to theconviction in their inner-world.

The strongholds (good and bad) in my mind have been built one brick at a time. I allow thoughts to stack up my mind. I allow a stronghold or mindset to develop, which affects my behaviour despite what I believe.

A stronghold is a mindset, a powerbase, an attitude and a thought habit. A stronghold is:

  • A thought commitment to a course of action.
  • A thought habit producing instinctive behaviour
  • An attitude that dominates your emotions
  • A mindset that overrides reason
  • Something that has a strong hold on you.

Strongholds (good and bad) may or may not be built on a convictionin your inner world. Strongholds not built on a conviction are simply examples of positive or negative thinking. Convictions determine your believing, while strongholds determine your behaving.

You can change your mind to change your world.

You’ll Never Hear Successful People Say These 15 Phrases

15 phrases successful people


I really enjoyed reading this list written by Sujan Patel.

If you want to become more successful as a leader or in your career, you can start by making a habit of talking and thinking more like the people you know or read about who are already successful.

Here are some phrases you’ll never hear a successful person say.

What phrases are you going to eliminate from your day-to-day conversations and thinking?

“2015 is going to be different…”

2015 New Year Clock


“2015 is going to be different…”

People are starting TODAY!!


Here’s my theory: we make all these promises to ourselves at the beginning of a new year about how everything is going to be different.

We’re going to make changes.

We’re going to be better than ok.

But we do it on a whim, and we try to do it by ourselves.

 We’re going to be ok on our own efforts…and no one can tell us otherwise.

It rarely works. It’s not bad, and it’s certainly not a disaster, but it’s not the changed life that fills our dreams.


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You need to get “betterer” – people are counting on you to grow

Evolution of a young plant

The greatest gift you can give someone is your own personal development.

Are there tried and true principles that are always certain to help a person grow?

John Maxwell says the answer is yes.

He has been passionate about personal development for over fifty years, and for the first time, he teaches everything he has gleaned about what it takes to reach our potential.

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