Business & Professional Mentoring Group 2015 – 10 Powerful Days

BPM portrait summary with OMD and enquire

Adapting to fast-changing global trends is vital for the success of the small business and professionals in business, requiring both a clear understanding of what a real strategy for business is, &  the ability to analyse your plotted future in a constructive & decisive manner.

I am partnering with Michael Delport to deliver this cutting-edge program – we both want you to achieve great impact & effectiveness.


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The Leader’s Dashboard 2015 – 8 Vital Areas, all on 1 page

Leader's Dashboard - 8 areas

I help make the complex, simple.

It is not easy to stay grounded as a leader in a complex and evolving organisation.

I work with people to complete The Leader’s Dashboard at their own pace – it requires you to think, reflect, get advice and input from others, and prioritize.  You will remain calm and focused when others panic.

With The Leader’s Dashboard, you will develop a concise summary of all aspects that you as a leader faces, from vision for the organisation to key relationships

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Change Your Mind to Change Your World


People are very complex beings.  I really enjoy working with people.

I have a few keys that help me understand human behaviour.  One of them is the power of the mind, and my responsibility to manage what goes on between my ears.

I have found many people who believe strongly in something, but then behave in the exact opposite way. This is because they have allowed a stronghold to develop in their mind that is different to theconviction in their inner-world.

The strongholds (good and bad) in my mind have been built one brick at a time. I allow thoughts to stack up my mind. I allow a stronghold or mindset to develop, which affects my behaviour despite what I believe.

A stronghold is a mindset, a powerbase, an attitude and a thought habit. A stronghold is:

  • A thought commitment to a course of action.
  • A thought habit producing instinctive behaviour
  • An attitude that dominates your emotions
  • A mindset that overrides reason
  • Something that has a strong hold on you.

Strongholds (good and bad) may or may not be built on a convictionin your inner world. Strongholds not built on a conviction are simply examples of positive or negative thinking. Convictions determine your believing, while strongholds determine your behaving.

You can change your mind to change your world.