Church Health Stream

“Power is the ability to do good things for others” – Brooke Astorphilanthropist (1902 –2007)

Andrew helps pastors, boards and churches be stronger – so they can help more people – & in better ways.

One of his passions is to see healthy churches & organisations.

Since 1993 he has amongst other things launched new churches, served on boards, led operations, done micro-finance work overseas and taught in bible colleges.  He has qualifications in business and ministry.

Andrew is often called “Barnabas” – because of his ability to get alongside pastors, encourage & coach them with solutions & clear next steps that produce results.  He helps resource dreams &  champion vision.  

He recently finished a successful term as Chairman of a private Christian school board, where he restructured the ministry for organisational health, lead a team that achieved record surpluses, debt reduction and helped secure a 2nd campus for almost $10 million.

His current clients include INC, ACC and other denominations.

You can see  regular church health insights & resources on Andrew’s facebook page here.


Let’s hear from Andrew:

I have spent a lot of my  time helping churches and thinking about how they can be stronger & more effective.

One thing I have been curious about in recent months is what church will look like in 4 years time – in the year 2020.

I have developed a “20 Questions for 2020” report that will really help you be crystal clear and confident as you lead towards 2020.  There are some things in that report that you will need to start now!

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Remember, I help resource dreams &  champion vision.

Andrew Staggs
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